Core Values

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We are proud of our core values and we embody them in everything we do. They reflect who we are as people, and the impact we want to make.


With both extensive practical health and research backgrounds, the quality of our work is everything to us. We research and test our processes and services, using patient feedback and evaluation to make sure we’re putting our mission to work. Everything we do, we do well – with the evidence to back it up.


Working with health means working with people, and there’s nothing we’re more passionate about than helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives. Passion is an important course corrector for us; if we don’t feel passionate about it, then we don’t do it.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. We push boundaries, challenge conventional views and drive innovation – not imitation. Our agenda is one of change, and change needs innovation to work.


Together, we are stronger and more creative. Together, we can find shared solutions and make a difference. Our work thrives when we share ideas with the right partners.


We track and measure all our activities and evaluate the results to establish what is working well and what needs to change, incorporating our findings into future work for constant improvement in our services and processes.


We are open, honest and trustworthy with a moral compass that guides everything that we do. We aim to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

Inclusion & Diversity

At Health Junction our strength lies in differences not similarities, and we lead diversity from the top down. We respect all abilities, cultures and backgrounds.


This might be our most important value. For us, this isn’t just a job; it’s a calling, and we love it! We never miss an opportunity to celebrate!